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I saw it comin' a long time ago Ain't nobody's fault we all get to choose our own road There ain't just one reason there's too many of them Why you kill yourself everyday just to live Poison in your veins And you think it's just a game You wonder how you got that way but then you do it again Tracks run down your arm Cause you don't wanna feel your heart break You always get back on that train so you don't feel it again I'll always love you, baby But I'll never be your kind of company. Talkin bout the plans we made, your future was secure But now all I see is a ghost of who you once were In our beds we have to lay but I don't know how you're sleepin there I may not know your pain but you'll never understand how unfair it is.

He came home from working twelve hours at the sawmill Found a note on the table that she wrote I can't live on sawmill wages and muddy roads. I can't live on sawmill wages and muddy roads There's no future here, darling I've got to go I still love you but I can't stay I'm walking away Don't you know? Baby it's not you that I'm leaving It's this place and way of life I know you won't leave these mountains And I don't expect you to go I can't live on sawmill wages and muddy roads.

I miss those mornings you had coffee made Memories hang on the wall in a frame I'd give just about anything to get back all of the love we made. I let go of joy and hang on to pain I thought through it all you'd still love me the same I never knew until you walked away That I might be the reason that you couldn't stay Maybe we weren't meant to be Or maybe, just maybe I made it too hard to be happy. I heard you went and bought a big house Stuck here cause I never could settle down Out the window from this room I once shared with you That was our city but now I just hate this damn view.

An old bottle of Dixie on the shelf Some barely knew him but I knew him well There's a clock that don't tick anymore If time could have only stopped long before. Tools hang on the wall one by one To remind us of the things we did and things we left undone And your books are in the corner by the door Well, I ought to pick em' up cause you can't read em' anymore.

And there's a painting my brother made for you He always knew your favorite cartoons And there's a sheet of dust that hides that stereo It would play and we would sing but that was long ago.

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Oh, this house feels almost empty but I remember when it was filled with you and all the things in this place we built So much love and all the memories that will never go away I'll never forget those days. You love her like I want you to love me I could try real hard or I could just let it be She's got your heart, I've got your hand Maybe I misunderstand I'm drowning in what might not ever be But in life sometimes you just can't have it all Try to stand up straight but all I do is fall Fall for you, why do I do it?

This is a game that's made for losin' When my cards are on the table and she's got a better hand It's fun tryin' to figure it all out But there's been times when I wanna scream so loud My feelings layin' in the dirt cause I can't stand the thought of her having you first I might overthink the situation Oh but I, baby I, get tired of waitin' She can't see what she has and I just need one chance to change your mind. I'm gettin a little tired of every day life It's all the same, wake up and work this nine to five Then I come home just to do it again Wondering if it'll ever end or if I can get away So baby why don't you lay here with me?

We don't have to talk, we don't have to sleep Sometimes words are best left unsaid We can converse in this bed, whatcha think? I wanna be anywhere I can be yours Know every inch of you then learn a little more Build a place we can revive And have our own little piece of paradise If heaven is anywhere but here I don't wanna go I'd think I was looking at an angel if I didn't know better They say the grass is much greener on the other side But right now it's looking pretty fine to me.

Take me back to September to the first time that you kissed my lips My hands were shaking and my heart was beating fast against your chest From that moment on you had every bit of me that I had left How could I forget? Every day I'll learn to love you better Every night I promise to kiss you more When in this life nothing else seems to matter I hope you remember that you are mine and I am yours Take me back to the first time we made love in that queen size bed You didn't have to say a word for anything to be said I'd been there once or twice before but this was nothing like the rest How could I forget?

I drove up that old county road to the place where I'm from Just to bring back memories that I made when I's young I looked over across the creek at the church on the hill The graveyard where all my kin sleep, so quiet and so still From the rush of the people in the big city lights I come back to the old home place where I played as a child Not cluttered by tall buildings or hurried by time I close my eyes and go back to the days that could only be mine A swing on the porch and a sweet scent in the air There's an old man inside who sits in a rocking chair Oh, he taught me to love and work hard for what I want Get out of this town but remember where you are from.

LGBTQ love poetry by and for gay men, lesbians, and the queer community. Political Poems. Poetry and Feminism. Adrienne Rich: Essential American Poets. From Essential American Poets September More Poems by Adrienne Rich. David's Boyhood.

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  5. About this Poet. Hopelessness has done nothing for me I want this thing to live. Well that happened, what did I tell you? My son, you have a body, it is young and strong. When I saw you All my own prophecies came true Just like you said. Cause or effect? Was it all my fault? Could you not see? I was terrified of what I knew I could be. Heartbreak paid by the hour I made mistakes Gave you my power. Who hurt whom worse? Some stories make more sense read in reverse But which one came first?

    1. "I Will Always Love You" — Whitney Houston, 1992

    I was your blessing and I was your curse. You sly, two-headed beast What do you need to be released? Could you hear my cry? So what if you told me so? Where is the love In which we fell? Was it Heaven, Or the bottom of a well?

    150 Swoon-Worthy Love Quotes for Every Occasion

    Your angel mask You wear it well Even you fall prey To its powerful spell. How do you stand The damp of your prison cell? Your heavy heart Tipped all my scales I tried hard to lighten you But to no avail. I bought the dream You came to sell Was it Heaven, Or just our own private hell? Feels like it's been a while What am I waiting for — Your empty-hearted smile?

    I don't care anymore. The slow descent Into the madness of our fears You know I meant To do it better this time, but I'm not really here. You went the extra mile Am I supposed to be proud? You're in denial I can't stand by watching you drown. I know the game, don't wanna waste another day Just grinding our gears There's no one to blame for all the pain You've felt all these years.

    Feels like it's been a while What am I doing wrong? Tooth of a crocodile, Iguess you were right all along. But those forever feelings never stay I had a center once, she went away Was the weight of my darkness too great?

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    Call me the light, I will drive those demons away. You said you loved me once, but something changed Was the strain of my sadness too great? Call me the rain, I am here to clean the slate. Brief moments of bravery, Relapses into cowardice Glimpses of profundity, Dances with the precipice. Retreating back into your slippery shell, Safe within the dismal diving bell Well, instead of going into hiding And pushing everyone who loves you away, What if you opened up your doors And let me stay?

    There's a Place (Because of You)

    Tie the tourniquet tight Bathe my eyes in angel light I never believed a word I said was true I was abusing language to have power over you And I know I'm the devil, I know I'm a mess But I'm not a broken record, I learn my lessons fast Push that feeling down. You'll scare them all off if you let it out But I don't want to not have anything to say Nothing in my body's telling me this is ok So I will find the part of you that I can love My blessing and my curse, I am what you are made of.

    She painted me white Changed my bandages and stayed the night And I am here to learn all that she has to teach I will swim towards her lighthouse, always just out of reach After all I wanted nothing if not love: The blessing and the curse I can't stop dreaming of. Then we get swallowed by the abyss What is the meaning of all of this? Buried alive, we got sucked down the funnel But there is a light at the end of our tunnel So don't waste your time giving up When you could be forgiving. Don't lose your mind, don't forget This life is for the living. Here is the girl you don't remember meeting To show you the love you're so afraid of needing You fight so hard Just to make them all think that you never struggle You say you see how it is That you're looking at is a piece of the puzzle.

    And we could put it together, or disintegrate— You know it's now or never, but it's never too late To give it all away So give it all away. Well I know the world is in all kinds of trouble But you can't live your life in some aseptic bubble So don't lose sight of your worth And the infinite wealth of gifts you've been given Open your mind to the world And the intimate well of truth that lay hidden.

    Well we could lie down and collectively seal our fate… You know it's now or never But it's never too late. Why do I fight All that I know to be good and true and holy and right? And what is this drive To drive you away, when your love is what keeps me alive? So no more doubt— Slit my belly open, pull that stubborn stuffing out! I know shit can get real When you stay in one place, When you sit there and feel what no amount of thinking can erase.

    From the little red lines To the wolves at the door I gave some warning signs that were not so easy to ignore. In my dreams I will come to seek you out When I sleep I'll become a white owl.


    And fly out of my window And into your window, And re-materialize as myself And wrap my snowy, naked limbs around you So, so happy I found you. I used to think I was a one-of-a-kind Then, in the blink of an eye You appeared to show me I was blind And now I can see everything And it's all beautiful You made me realize All the stories I told were just lies That used to sound true So, so happy I found you Out of the black, foreboding skies You are the sun that never fails to rise And when the shadows cover me You're the moon, I am your faithful sea Rising with you as you shine on me.

    Through your eyes, I've learned to see myself clearly I used to despise the poor girl inside the mirror But now I just pretend That I'm looking at you Looking right back at me You show me the beauty that I never could see. Fear is the weight we carry from the cradle straight to our graves, and love is the treasure we bury; pain alternates with pleasure in beautiful waves. You've been a lot of places— left me forgotten by your side— and maybe the feeling's baseless, but something still stirs in me when I look in your eyes,.

    Well what is wrong with me? I trusted you—you watched me open like a flower.