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In our guide you'll discover our pick of the best Amazon Prime TV shows that are currently on offer. We have options for fans of thrillers, jaw-dropping sci-fi, comedy lovers and those who enjoy nothing more than a fantasy police drama. Amazon has been developing and creating titles itself over the past few years, which are called Amazon Originals or Amazon Original Series.

These homegrown TV shows are arguably some of the best that the Amazon Prime Video service has to offer think The Tick and Transparent , which you can watch instantly when you have Amazon Prime access. There are many more shows you can watch through Amazon too of course, but some of these have to be purchased in order for you to start streaming. We'll be keeping this list constantly updated — if any paid shows become free that we feel need to be included, they'll be added too.


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Scroll through to see our picks that we've divided up into the following categories: drama, comedy and thriller. According to the film, security guards employed by the subcontractor scared and intimidated hundreds of temporary workers from Hungary, Poland, Spain and other European countries. The accusations ignited an outcry on social media and calls for consumers to think twice about placing their next order on Amazon.

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The company responded by pledging to investigate the claims, saying that it was in its own interest to provide a safe and secure working environment for all of its employees, temporary as well as permanent. The company, based in Seattle, employs tens of thousands of people around the world. You will find comprehensive lists of delivery times and fees in German on our help page: International Delivery.

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You can use pickup locations to pick up your order whenever you want to. For more information visit our help page or find information in English on the DHL website [external link].

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