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Marco watches from Star's balcony as the elevator vanishes. Cut to the underworld. A skeleton secures a metal cuff around his neck and makes a restrained pose. A green-skinned man in a red hood is about to strike him with a spiked mace. Tom Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, guys. I don't know what you're about to do, but I want to keep things low-key for Star. Skeleton or hooded man You want to turn the Blood Moon Ball into a greeting card holiday, go ahead. Tom Wait. Which one of you said that? Skeleton or hooded man Me.

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Tom No. Whoever was just talking, raise your hand. Axe demon Master Tom, Princess Butterfly has arrived. The elevator lowers down to the ground, and Star steps out. Star Wow. Tom Star Butterfly. Don't you clean up nice. Star Uh, thank you I guess. Tom [holds out a horned spider] I got you this. Star What is it? Tom It's a hair thing. It goes in your hair. It'll help you fit in down here. Star [looks disgusted] How sweet, Tom. But yeah, I kinda got my own thing going on here.

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I'm pretty happy with it. Let's go have fun now. Tom [groans angrily] Brian You can be positive that your anger is negative. Tom smiles and pets his bunny. Cut back to Diaz Household. Marco, dressed in a black tuxedo, sits in Star's bedroom eating nachos and listening to Mexican music.

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Sea Captain's Voice o. Blood moon tonight. Marco looks around.

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There's no one around. He looks at a portrait of an old sea captain. The moon of lovers. Marco jumps out of his seat. He looks at the sea captain's portrait again. Then he looks at Tom's bell and hammer. The bell's red crescent moon ornament shimmers. Cut back to the Blood Moon Ball. A demon completely covered in a red cloak uses a camera. Cloaked demon [eerily] Smile.

Two three-eyed demons pose for their photo. Unicorn blood is dumped on them, and the camera clicks. Cloaked demon [eerily] Beautiful. The demons run off, and Tom and Star pose for their picture. Tom I'm so excited to be covered in blood with you.

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  8. But don't worry, it's not real. It's from a unicorn. Star My best friend is a unicorn. Tom Well, they're not related. Star I'm not gonna bathe in unicorn blood, Tom. Tom [stifled groaning, reaches behind his back] Star What's that hand doing back there? Tom Nothing. Star looks behind Tom and sees Brian standing by with the bunny for Tom to pet. Star Whoa, wait a second. Are you getting angry? Star Look, you do you, Boo. I'm gonna go get a drink.

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    Star goes up to a bubbling punch bowl. Star o. Here he comes again. A skeleton fish appears in the punch bowl. Star Hello, Henry! Two demons appears behind Star. One is a stubby horned demon with no midsection. The other is tall with a small head. Stubby demon You must be Tom's date. Star I guess I am. Stubby demon Well, I hope you're happy. He made this whole entire ball completely boring, all for you.

    Star I wouldn't say it's boring. Stubby demon Oh, really? What is it, nap time or something? Stupid cockroach that lives inside. I'm over it already!

    go here Tom appears from out of the air. Tom Her dance card's full. Small-headed demon Oh, I get it. I bet you think that, like, your soul and, like, her soul are totally gonna Star What is Ball organizer [taps microphone] Ahem. Good evening, ladies and gentlebremen. It is my pleasure that I request you now to turn your heads skyward.