Manual Senior, bats-toi ! : Défendre sa place et sépanouir dans la société daujourdhui (French Edition)

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Buron to take with him to Spain—Mr. Kinloch desired me to thank you for the interest you had taken in his affair. The man who was sent for the passport returned with word that the passport could not be obtained without Mr.

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After dinner M. Buron called: he said that Sir S. Say to Rue Salle au Comte and executed the commission of Miss Brown: he then shewed me the Halle aux Innocens, an immense market, or rather a suite of markets, much like Covent Garden and Billingsgate joined into one: Even in the evening, when I saw it, I can safely say it was the most dirty, noisy, and crowded place in Paris—In one part of it is the Fontaine des Innocens, a very handsome fountain—I saw the street where Henri Quatre was stabbed by Ravaillac.

Ensor, who sent for my passport; called on Mr. Edition: current; Page: [ 11 ] Ensor, who added to it his book on population and his answer to the Quarterly Reviewers, and promised to send it to Dr. Swediaur for M. Could not obtain passport without Mr. With Mr. Ensor, Col. Young, and three ladies to see the Luxembourg; the palace and gardens are exceedingly pretty; the gallery of pictures was magnificent; I admired chiefly a painting by David of Leonidas and the Spartans at Thermopylae, and another, I forget by whom, in the miniature stile, of the queen of France giving liberty to slaves.

Returned home to dinner; after dinner M. Buron called, and said that Sir Samuel Bentham and Miss Clara were at Montpellier, but the remaining part of the family at Pompignan, 23 and that it was intended that they should all go to Madrid in winter. Saw the street where Henry IV was killed. Took place in the diligence for Grizolles for the 27th. Say to make a call, saw M. Ensor, who was not at home.

In returning I digested the matter for the first part of a second dialogue as a sequel to yours; and after returning home, I wrote a few pages. After breakfast went in a cabriolet to Arcueil—M. Left Mr. Berthollet; they begged me to go to see them on my return. Ensor who was not at home. Ensor sent my passport. I could not go out on account of the rain: but I set about my dialogue in good earnest, and brought the subject to a conclusion: but I think several additions will be required. In the evening I went out to tea with M. Say and Madame Say. Ensor sent my passport: Could not go out on account of the rain.

Horace and Melle Octavie dined out; M. This day, finished outline of dialogue. Ensor, but he was from home: I went to the public library, which is immense; and any one may read any book he pleases while he remains in the house, or, if known there, he may take it home with him. There are two immense globes.

I also saw a large orrery, and a piece of rock, on which was cut out a facsimile of the pyramids of Egypt and the country round. In a Cabinet adjoining are several curiosities, but that which pleased me most was a suit of ancient armour.

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In the Jardin is also a Menagerie of wild beasts, which I saw, and also of tame ones, which I did not see. Berthollet, and a letter of Mme B. I saw also the Pantheon, as much as possible, but as the Guardien was not there, I could not see much of the building: I saw however the stile of the architecture. I returned home in a cabriolet.

Besides the number of books, there were several other things worthy of notice: particularly, two globes of such a size as to require two stories to contain them; an orrery; a petra as it was called of the pyramids of Egypt, which seems to be a model in rock of the country round; and a cabinet, where among other curiosities there was a suit of ancient armour.

Ensor and took my leave of him.


Afterwards I saw M. Buron, who gave me a packet for Mme Buron at Montauban. I had an early dinner and set off at 2 P. We passed through Longjumeau, the place where one of the mock treaties with the Hugenots was signed. We supped at Etampes. After travelling all night, in the morning of [ continues in the entry for 28 May ]. Buron and received from him a letter to his wife at Montauban.


It is built on no regular plan, many of the principal streets are both narrow and dirty. In the heart of the city lie the two islands of Notre Dame and of St. Louis, the former of which formed the ancient Lutetia. The city is surrounded by a large street, with footpaths, and rows of trees on both sides, which forms the great promenade of the city. On the west side, however, this street is interrupted by the Jardin des Thuilleries.

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The faubourgs are by much the pleasantest and cleanest part of the town. This renders walking in the streets as well dangerous as dirty. The principal streets are the Rue St. Antoine, which form a continued line east and west, the Rue St. Denis and the street which continues it, north and south.

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Parallel to the two last runs the Rue St. Martin and its continuation the Rue St. The most centrical street for almost all which is worth seeing at Paris is the Rue de Richelieu parallel to the Rue Vivienne where Mr. Ensor lodges. There are many arcades in the city, but chiefly in the Palais Royal. That which bears the greatest resemblance to Burlington Arcade is the Passage des Panoramas. The Places are either squares or triangles, or indeed of any shape whatever. The streets are now lighted with oil; each lamp has large metal reflectors, and is suspended over the street; when they wish to light it they let it down by ropes.

The French number the houses of their streets differently from us; the even numbers are all on one side and the odd numbers on the other, so that we can directly know on which side to find the number we seek. The post horses are wretched and halfstarved: the private ones seem generally good. The hackney carriages are of two kinds; the fiacre, which resembles the English hackney coach and the cabriolet, which is a clumsy gig with a cover. This last, as it is less expensive than the former, having but one horse, and the vehicle itself being less costly, is very convenient for a single person.