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He endured local rivalries, deep misunderstandings, jealousy, and corruption, not to mention treacherous roads and epic weather. But he believed passionately that balanced, non-extremist education, for boys and girls alike, is the most effective way to combat the violent intolerance that breeds terrorism. His coauthor David Oliver Relin deftly evokes high-altitude landscapes haunted by glaciers, snow leopards, and the deaths of scores of climbers. As Mortenson transformed himself from down-and-out climbing bum to the director of a humanitarian enterprise, he came to appreciate more and more deeply the struggles that people of the region endure every day—struggles that have intensified with the recent explosion of war and sectarian violence.

In the course of this narrative, readers come to know Mortenson as a friend, a husband and father, a traveling companion, a son and brother, and also as a flawed human being. Mortenson made enemies along the way and frustrated his friends and family.


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But Mortenson never asks others to make sacrifices that he has not already made himself time and time again. The war-torn mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan appear in the news as the breeding grounds of terrorist training camps, Al Qaeda hide-outs, and fierce religious extremism. Greg Mortenson is the director of the Central Asia Institute.

A resident of Montana, he spends several months of the year in Pakistan and Afghanistan. David Oliver Relin is a contributing editor for Parade magazine and Skiing magazine. He has won more than forty national awards for his work as a writer and editor.

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Share: Share on Facebook. Kerri Turner. Kerri Turner is a historical fiction author who lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and miniature schnauzer.

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She trained from a young age to become a ballerina, but life had other ideas for her. After gaining an Associate Degree Dance and Diploma of Publishing Editing, Proofreading and Publishing , she combined her love of ballet, history and books to discover a passion for writing which far outweighed anything she'd done before. She still dances, passing on the joy of ballet to those who never got the chance to experience it-or thought their dancing years were behind them-by teaching adults-only and overs classes.

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Chloe is the Director of Wollongong Writers Festival, a casual lecturer and tutor in creative writing at the University of Wollongong where she is completing a PhD, and a member of the Finishing School Collective. Originally from south-west Sydney, she now lives in Wollongong and travels the world for three months per year.

Her debut novel, The Girls , a memoir about family, grief and sexuality, is her debut. Melissa Fagan. Melissa Fagan is an author, freelance writer and editor currently based in Coolangatta, in Yugambeh—Bundjalung country, on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. Search for:.

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Cat Sparks. Topics Menu - Always one click away Cat Sparks is a multi-award-winning Australian author, editor and artist. She lives in Sydney. Claire Corbett.

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Between two eternities of darkness? Narendra Modi when six-year-old sold tea at Vadnagar station, says a new book - India News. The Eighth Pearl Atlantis Allure. Her relationship with her older brother Monte is a case in point. Starting at the age of 11, he was persistently detained and abused by the police for no reason except that he was a poor, Black male.

As an adult, he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and PTSD. In , he got into a minor fender bender with a white woman; although he never touched the woman but only yelled at her, the cops shot him with rubber bullets, tased him, and charged him with terrorism. As Khan-Cullors comments:.

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If someone alleges that you have said something threatening to them and causing them to fear for their life, you can be charged, as my brother, who was in a full manic episode, was charged, with terrorism. Against all odds, Khan-Cullors has stood up for her big brother in jail, court, and hospitals, bringing in allies whenever possible.

Her experience leading her family prepared her to lead on a national and international scale, an unexpected yet beneficial outcome for us all. A decade before she was called a terrorist on national television, Khan-Cullors had already witnessed her brother face the accusation. The question of who gets to call whom a terrorist is thus one she has had to mull over for years — and, as a result, she suggests we should as well. The very title, When They Call You a Terrorist , asks the reader to engage critically with the rhetoric of terrorism — not only, for example, the way in which it has occasioned and justified a global surge in Islamophobia, and how it has impeded thoughtful reflection on the continued occupation of Palestine, but also how this rhetoric attempts to discredit antiracist movements in the United States.

This book is about Patrisse Khan-Cullors as much as it is about our current moment, wherein Black people, Muslims, the mentally ill, immigrants, women, trans folks, and others are one fender bender away from being beaten and charged with terrorism. Her work is available at StephanieAbraham.