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But neither realized how irrevocably they had been changed by their experience, nor how irresistible the siren song of the sea would prove.

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In comparison, life ashore seemed dull and monochrome, and within months, Beth knew she had to go back to sea in order to remain true to the person she had become. Four years later they set out on their foot aluminum sloop Hawk for a journey that lasted six years and took them more than 50, miles. Blue Horizons is Beth Leonard's record of that journey. Compiled from her popular columns in Blue Water Sailing magazine, which she wrote along the way, Blue Horizons is more than an adventure saga, more than the log of an extended passage.

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It is, says Beth, "about pulling your dreams over the horizon to you, one sail change, one course correction at a time. But this is no dreamer's tale. Beth Leonard is both sailor and writer, well qualified to deal with and describe blue water voyaging. Her observations are as sharp as salt air and her prose as informed as it is insightful and entertaining. Beth also brings to Blue Horizons a uniquely feminine perspective, a combination of empathy, charm, and lyric grace.

Her pages are suffused with emotion and a strong sense of immediacy. You're with Beth and Evans as Hawk pokes into a lonely and deserted outport on Newfoundland's barren northeast coast, and as they await hurricane Lenny in Antigua. And you sympathize as she burrows deep into her tilting berth, seeking that one, elusive interval of comfort that will bring sleep on a pounding windward passage, only to be dashed awake by the cold shock of a rogue wave spilling into her bunk.

Blue Horizons is a rare journey, one to be savored by sailors and armchair adventurers alike. Every account in this collection provides a taste and sometimes a feast. It is wise, perceptive, wonderful.

The Voyager's Handbook: The Essential Guide to Blue Water Cruising

If you have ever wondered what it might be like to exchange conventional comforts for an adventure not packaged with round-trip airfare, Beth Leonard has written these dispatches to you. Whether you are shopping for a used fiberglass boat or prioritizing maintenance tasks on the one you already own, this book saves money--and perhaps even disaster.

With clear step-by-step drawings and instructions, Don Casey explains how to recognize problems--both surface and hidden--and how to separate cosmetic flaws from serious faults. The author -- one of the most respected marine how-to authors on either side of the Atlantic, and author of the universally admired Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual, -- walks you through all key technical and practical aspects of modern cruising systems and equipment, providing you with a summary of the skills necessary for safe, enjoyable sailing.

The first half of the book includes an easy-to-use tabular method for evaluating a boat's suitability for cruising; ideas for workable deck and interior lay-outs and organization; how to choose and configure suitable boat systems for cruising; and how to install gear for trouble free operation.

The book's second half teaches you boat handling skills; core navigational expertise; anchoring techniques; weather understanding; heavy weather expertise; and specific skills for long-term and long-distance cruising. Marine Diesel Engines has been the bible for do-it-yourself boatowners for more than 15 years.

Now updated with information on fuel injection systems, electronic engine controls, and other new diesel technologies, Nigel Calder's bestseller has everything you need to keep your diesel engine running cleanly and efficiently.

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Marine Diesel Engines explains how to:. Sign in. Beth covers in detail everything you need to know before sailing off; sails, anchoring, galley issues, storage,financial, even relationship considerations just to name a few. She puts all topics in the perspective of 3 types of sailors: Simplicity, Moderation and Highlife, so no matter your budget, there is relevant info that will apply to your situation.

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Even after 25 years of sailing I find this book has valuable info to help me plan my escape! Thorough and well written From Amazon This book covers most situations which occur during cruising, using three different levels of comfort or expense.

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I found that interesting, as our boat fell in between two catagories, and I could see the options available for either less cost or a bit more. A good middle of the road, to advanced book for those wishing to set out on a voyage. Creative ideas for every aspect of cruising. One to keep aboard.

Voyagers Handbook 2ND Edition

Voyagers Handbook From Amazon Excellent a book for cruisers by cruisers I heartedly recommend this book and consider it a valuable edition to my cruising library. This is the Bowditch of sailing, the modern Hiscock of details, essential total reference!

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  8. It is not enough to simply have the romance in your heart and some experience and have read a few adventures of other sailors. No, you will not be prepared to voyage and your chances of success and real long term enjoyment will have the odds stacked against you. I as so many others have found THIS BOOK, this one book alone, takes you by the hand, and leads you through the entire experience of the sailing life, right down to the smallest detail that you should think of now ideally rather than later.

    nesslacsunsdog.tk Take the advice of many before you, that this book is an essential reference and should be one of the very first you own and read cover to cover, if you want to do more than be an arm chair sailor. There is little romance of sailing in this book, but it is fun because of the personalities of the author and her mate. This book has information that will keep you safe, both with your budget before you go, and with your life itself once you leave, both very essential if you want the time and freedom later to simply relax and think about the romance of the sea. Thanks very much Beth I owe you a debt of gratitude and hope we cross paths someday.